The aims and objectives of the institute are
 To inspire the confidence and zeal amongst the people who are lacking of god gifted vision and/or eye sight.
 To intensify zeal and to awake them regarding their abilities of living in the society proudly irrespective of their physical disabilities.
 To educate them so as to enable them to work skillfully and live self dependently, proundly as normal person live in the society.
 To impart them training of Craftsmanship so as to enable them to earn for their livelihood in the society and gain self sufficiency.
 To fulfill these aims and objectives the institute is imparting education and Craftsmanship training to all blind people without any discrimination to cast, creed and religion.

                                                          Bharatiya Pragnachakshu Gurukul                                                                   Developed By AB2  
Wagheshwari Plot, Porbandar-360 575, India. Phone: (0286) 2242620 Fax: (0286) 2242620. Email: