Despite of this there was no facility and/or room for the visionary disabled people popularly known as “PRGNACHAKSHU” (Blind) for their upliftment and/or development in the city.Taking this deficiency into consideration a noble thought was put into action and resulted into an establishment of education center for the blind and there by an institution came into existence.

        The porbandar municipality came forward and spared a land for the building of the institute and vice-versa so many industries and businessman generously donated to meet expenditure for the constructing the building and general expenditure, amongst those Raj Ratna Sheth Shri Nanji Kalidas Mehta,Saurashtra Chemicals,Ravalwala Sheth Shree Leeladhar Govindji Hathi and many other donors from the general public. With this gracious sympathy, generous donations the institute is having his own building with the required facilities for the blind.

                                                          Bharatiya Pragnachakshu Gurukul                                                                   Developed By AB2  
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